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With first-rate staff and systems, CMSC provides full-service servicing solutions: accurate, prompt and complete.

Through our wholly-owned subsidiary, Canadian Mortgage Servicing Corporation (CMSC) we provide best-in-class mortgage servicing to mortgage investors. CMSC has been operating since 2001, providing complete mortgage servicing solutions to a range of mortgage investors.

Mortgage servicing in Canada is shifting from direct administration by lenders to sub-servicing by specialized companies such as CMSC, which are focused on servicing and all of the required back-office activities. Outsourcing servicing has been well established in the United States where over 70% of commercial mortgage administration is handled through sub-servicers. By outsourcing mortgage servicing, lenders avoid the additional time and costs incurred by servicing in-house.

We have a blend of sophisticated automated mortgage systems plus the personal touch and attention that only a specialty mortgage servicing firm can offer. We service and manage a wide variety of loan structures including interest-only payments, interest accruals, multi-advances, partial discharges, and prepayments. We can also service commercial mortgage backed securities (CMBS).

CMSC services the mortgage portfolios for two public companies listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange: Atrium Mortgage Investment Corporation, a $745 million mortgage investment corporation (symbol: AI), and (ii) Dream Impact Trust (formerly Dream Hard Asset Alternatives Trust) (symbol: MPCT.UN). We also service and administer a mortgage portfolio for a private pension fund client that is building to a $200 million mortgage portfolio. We also administer mortgages for major lenders such as Manulife and Sun Life.

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We provide the personal touch and attention that only a specialty mortgage servicing firm can offer.

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