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    Canadian Mortgage Capital Corporation

    (CMCC) is a mortgage brokerage and mortgage funds manager

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  • Senior Mortgage Funds

    Typical real estates being financed:

    Retail plazas
    Urban storefront
    Nursing homes
    Retirement homes
    Industrial building
    Office buildings

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  • Mortgage Servicing Solutions

    Canadian Mortgage Servicing Corporation (CMSC) provide best-in-class mortgage servicing to mortgage investors.

    CMSC services the mortgage portfolios for two public companies listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange: Atrium Mortgage Investment Corporation, a $745 million mortgage investment corporation (symbol: AI), and (ii) Dream Hard Asset Alternatives Trust (symbol: DRA.UN).

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  • About CMCC

    Canadian Mortgage Capital Corporation (CMCC) is a major mortgage brokerage and advisory services firm based in Toronto with three offices across Canada. CMCC manages public and private mortgage funds for public and private investors. These mortgage funds traverse the full risk spectrum, from low-risk institutional mortgage funds to higher-risk mezzanine and equity funds. CMCC’s responsibilities include the origination, underwriting and servicing of these mortgage portfolios.

    CMCC is licensed by the Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Ontario (#10284). Subsidiaries of CMCC are also licenced to do business in Alberta and British Columbia.

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